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Guardian ad Litem & Youth Attorney & Respondent Attorney Information

Advocacy Inc. provides Guardian ad Litem, Youth Attorney and Respondent Attorney legal services for families and children who are in foster care and dependents of the State of New Mexico in Bernalillo County; these children are abused, neglected and abandoned because of the inability or unwillingness of their parents to provide them with a safe home environment.

The Guardian ad Litem and Youth Attorney represents the children and adults during the judicial process to determine a proper course of action to provide adequate care for the child.  It is well-documented that abused children are at high risk for becoming adult abusers.  Our goal is to support interventions that may change the course of a child's life.
We recruit attorneys in New Mexico who are interested in helping children by providing legal services at reduced rates as set forth by the Administrative Office of the Court.  Each attorney completes training; is assigned a mentor; and, participates in regular training and meetings.  

  • Two years practicing law
  • Experience working with children or advocating for children's rights
  • Desire to improve the lives of abused and negelcted children.

Training is available and caseloads vary.  

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