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Forms for Guardians

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POWER OF ATTORNEY Form & Instructions

A Power of Attorney is a legal document by which a parent authorizes another adult to act on behalf of a child. A Power of Attorney is a "permission slip" which tells others, such as doctors or teachers, the other adult has the authority to sign in place of the parent.  It is not necessary to go to court.  A Power of Attorney becomes active when signed by a parent in front of a Notary Public.  By signing a Power of Attorney the parent does not give up any parental rights.  Powers of Attorneys are only valid for up to six months and can be revoked at any time.


A Caregiver's Authorization Affidavit is a legal document which was authorized by the New Mexico Legislature in June 2001.  Like a Power of Attorney, the affidavit allows a non-parent to enroll a child in school or sign for medical treatment.  The affidavit is used when a parent is not available to sign a Power of Attorney.  It does not change any parental rights and the caregiver does not gain legal custody of the child.  The affidavit is valid for one year.

BENEFITS & Financial Support for Families Information Sheet

This is a list of services and benefits that might provide you with financial support.  Contact and application information is provided for Medicaid, Food Stamps, TANF, WIC, Housing, Child Care, Child Support, Social Security and Veterans Benefits.

PRO SE Forms  Link to Internet site

This is a link to the NM Supreme Court's site for Forms if you want to file your own Kinship/Guardianship.  We cannot provide you with legal support in a pro se case, but these forms might be of help. 

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