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Guardians ad Litem & Youth Attorneys

...for children in foster care

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Advocacy Inc. provides Guardians ad Litem and Youth Attorneys to represent children

in foster care under a contract with the New Mexico Administrative Office of the Courts.  These

children are victims of abuse and neglect because of the inability of their parents to provide them

with a safe home environment.

The Guardian ad Litem or Youth Attorney represents the child until returned home or they are adopted.  It is well-documented that abused children are at a high risk for

becoming adult abusers.  Our goal is to support interventions that could change the course of that child’s life.

We recruit attorneys in New Mexico who are interested in helping children by providing legal services as set forth by the Administrative Office of the Court.  Each attorney completes training; is assigned a mentor; and, participates in regular training and meetings.  Caseloads vary.


Interested in becoming a Guardian ad Litem or Youth Attorney? 


  • Two years practicing law

  • Experience working with children or advocating for children’s rights

  • Desire to improve the lives of abused and neglected children.


Withdrawal as GAL and Entry of Appearance

Performance Standards 2006 Youth Attorney

Performance Standards 2006 Respondent Attorney

Performance Standards 2006 Guardian ad Litem

Order Granting Withdrawal, Substitution of Counsel, and Entry of Appearance

Motion for Order Changing Name

Mental Health Certification -YA

Mental Health Certification -GAL

Informed Consent-Youth

Entry of Appearance as Youth Attorney

Entry of Appearance as Respondent Attorney

Entry of Appearance as Guardian ad Litem

Certificate of Disclosure

Affidavit of Indigency


Code of Federal Regulations

Rules of Appellate Procedure

New Mexico Supreme Court Law Library

New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC)

New Mexico Chapter 32-Children’s code [Repealed].

New Mexico Chapter 32A-Children’s Code.

    SectionA-1-7 Guardian ad litem; powers and duties.

    SectionA-1-7.1 Child’s attorney; powers and duties.
New Mexico Government


Sibling Rule–May 10, 2010

Performance Standards for Court-Appointment Attorneys in Child Abuse & Neglect Cases



Guardian ad Litem


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